Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tell Your Momma Hi

What do I start with first...hmmm...okay, well, I guess I'll lead with the fact that I went to the doctor yesterday & the boot - ah, the dreaded boot - has to stay on at least another 2-3 weeks.  

The doc said it wasn't healing as fast as he thought it which I replied, "Maybe I should not have been dancing on it?"

...that's when he looked at me like I was ca-razy, so I quickly exclaimed, "I've been drinking lots of calcium!"

Oh well...what's another 2-3 weeks...especially when I have my toes painted!

Oh yeah, baby!  The lady even painted my other foot, but the boot kinda takes away from it!  

My mom was in town this whole last week - from Sunday to Friday.  We had a girls day in the City on Thursday, which included the spa - a total treat!  We each got massages, facials & she enjoyed a pedicure, while I stuck to just getting a good ole toe paintin'.

The spa was relaxing & her trip here was fabulous.  I don't know where she gets her energy & being half her age it makes me embarrassed that I simply cannot keep up sometimes!  We went out to dinner EVERY night (after workin' all day...remember, her territory now includes NYC).

There were so many truly fab restaurants we tried...yes, my momma knows how to pull at my heartstrings!

One of my fave places we ate was Barbetta's. It's this great Italian restaurant that has been open for over 100 years & still owned by the same family that founded it.  What added a whole other awesome level (besides the food, wine & fabulous company), was this tree we were sitting near.

I know...silly...a tree, awesome?  But take a look...
When mom asked the waiter what kind of tree it was, his reply was (in accent), "Well, it is an old tree."  It was more than likely one of those "you have to be there" moments, but trust me when I say it was HILARIOUS!
So that's the story, morning glory!  While mom was in town, Stephen was in Oregon.  He flew back in last night (or early this morning) & today we are meeting Johnny Boy up for some lunch!  Wonder where we'll go...???

Photo & I enjoying the Old Tree and each other in New York City!

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MOM said...

Hey Sweetie! Check out the Barbetta's link and see all "their first" and then check out the truffle hounds. Simply Amazing! To say I had a fabulous time wif u just doesn't do it justice. One of my fav things in life is spending time with YOU period.
I love you, Mom