Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just found this, thought Why not Post...

**6/13/08 - Even though I just posted a new fresh blog, I found this draft from over a month ago & thought I would share it with you b/c I know how you love to read as much as you can - gosh I'm so caring!**

It's been one of those fabulous know, where you play the Itunes on shuffle & get some stuff done.  Our particular stuff that's been getting done includes the laundry, dusting, and to add some actual excitement to it, we have been working on scheduling our Labor Day weekend plans.

Labor Day may be far, far away, but you know it will be here before you know it & the cabins we are going to rent on the River have the tendency to be rented right out from under your feet if you don't act fast!

The River is not my particular "cup o' tea," but I married a man that wants to be buried there (well, more like scattered!), so I guess it's one of my compromise vacations for many years to come.  And the cabins are not exactly "roughing it"...hopefully the mosquitoes will be in check, then I should be all good to go.  You know the 'squitoes are super attracted to my whiter than white skin...I'm like a bright light attracting them all day & night.

Anywho, that's been today.  The past week/weekend included a visit from Mom & Sam, as well as, a Cinco de Mayo dinner w/ Scott (our brother-in-law).  

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