Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't Mess With My Beer

It's Been So Long!!  I have missed my bloggin', but not to fret, I'm BACK and bootless!!

So, you are probably unlikely to deduce from the title of this blog that I am indeed looking to drop some weight & drop it fast.  Maybe I should title it...Procrastinate, procrastinate - Never Get the Job Done.  

It is now 2 1/2 weeks until Mexico & my fat a** is still fat!

**Side story - this reminds me of this time my mom went to the McKinney Flea Market (yea, we can save those jokes for later)...anyway, she goes & was trying something on (once again, jokes later)...can you imagine that I'm off track on my off-track sidestory...ANYWAY, mom says to the guy, "My fat a** can't fit," to which the man replied, "Honey, we call it sweet"**

So, my sweet a** is still fat!!

I'm going to hold myself accountable on this blog.  I will not share with you my starting weight, but I will report on the weight lost & exercises done over the next couple of weeks.  If this plan works, then I'll keep going b/c you know I want to look fly on our Labor Day River Trip!!

Which brings me to the title of the blog!  I'm sure you thought we would never make it!!

I'm putting together these "Survival Kits" to send to all the people attending the 10th annual Float On Labor Day Trip.  You know a kind 
of R-rated box of fun that will get everyone all P-U-M-Ped!!  

I'm looking on the internet for customizable koozies & what did I find???  OMG, koozies that have the old "Don't Mess w/ Texas" logo & you can import the name into it...So it reads "Don't Mess w/ (name's) Beer"!!  LOVE IT!  The koozies have already shipped, so I'll be sure to post a pic when they come in & if they are totally fab (which I just KNOW they are going to be), I pass on the website where you can get your very own!!
Photo Send-off this week is a shout out to my Grandma, who Stephen & I visited over Memorial Day - bet she never thought she'd be on the internet!!
I would suggest, should you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, KS, to grab a bite @ El Charro.  Of course, they are a local chain, so you can check it out in Lamar, MO, too!

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