Friday, April 18, 2008

Tortoise and the Hare

So, as I promised, here is the pic of me on my more than FABULOUS scooter!  

It was great...I may even put the boot back on next year, just to be able to rent it again!  Besides the deluxe leather chair & the 2" DUBS, the scooter rocked not one, but 2 horns & speeds that ranged from tortoise to hare (no, really, the knob turned from a picture of a turtle to a picture of a rabbit)!  The nifty basket up front held the backpack purse I've been sporting of late (because of ease of use), and it even had headlights.

The only suggestion I would have for the folks at Scootaround (seriously the name of the place I rented it from), would be to include a holder for the crutches!  I about killed myself trying to catch the crutches when they fell off the scooter when I was going at the hare speed!

At one point, I was haulin' it (air blowin' through my hair & all), and I heard an older lady say to her man, "She doesn't look hurt!"  You know grandma was just jealous because she wanted a scooter of her own!!

So, I'm back in town (as I have been all week), and am finally walking without the crutches, which is great.  So, hopefully this means there will be no more references to the broken ankle & I can put it all behind me!!

Tonight, I decided to be Chef Brittany (rhymes with Boyardee - hee hee - you know I just sang the song in my head)...and cooked this Chicken w/ Feta, Lemon & Zucchini...

**Update - this picture was snapped before the meal went into the oven**
My feeling is that it more than likely would not look like this if presented on a cooking show. At some point during the cooking process, smoke started to come out of the oven, setting off the smoke alarm a few times.  Stephen, being the wonderful man he is, said he thought for sure it was just steam!  In the end, Stephen enjoyed the meal (Seriously, I'm not just making myself feel better)...and I liked the zucchini.

At least it wasn't like the time I made Penne w/ Lemon, Ricotta & Herbs.  Oh my...I made the dish w/ an insane amount of parsley, because that's the only herb we sum it all up, the dish tasted like grass & we threw it away and ordered take out!! send-off time!!  A little tribute to Rambo, as my mom is about to take him back to Texas after her trip this next week.  Love his hair all crazy with static!!  Boy are we going to miss him!

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