Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Boot Was Made For Walkin'

Thought I would start it off with a pic of me being silly.  Seriously, left my make-up in the car Friday, which led me to find out that I'm not that good at the whole liquid eyeliner thing!  A lil' "clockwork orange" style fun pursued.

Well, Friday I got the cast off & they put me in this nifty walking boot -

I was thinking that a walking boot meant I would be walking in it...but oh no, ain't no way I can walk just yet!  

You see, Friday after I left the doc's office & got to my office, I thought - man, this is feelin' pretty darn good, maybe I should try "walking on it"...'bout hit the floor in pain, I tell ya! Whew...not one of my best ideas.

It has, however, gotten a little better over the weekend, with me testing my limits on how much pressure I can put on the injured limb.  My goal (and I could be setting myself up for failure) is to be able to walk on it by Thursday (that's when I board the plane - at 6:40 a.m. nonetheless - for Chicago).

Now I'm sure you all have heard enough about the "break", so I'm movin' back to subjects I know best...

...Stephen and I went to Hill Country Bar-b-que yesterday.  (Come on, you knew I would be talking about food!!)  Now I cannot think of anything better than a Texas Barbecue market in the middle of NYC...they played country music while we noshed on some serious brisket, sausage, and sides!  And to top it all off I had a Coke Float w/ Blue Bell ice cream!!  

That's right, I just typed Blue Bell...they fly the stuff in special...they also fly in Big Red, Kruez sausage & my personal fave Mexican Coke!!  (the stuff you drink, duh!)...

Man, oh man, were we in heaven!  Check it out for yourselves...should you ever find yourself implanted in NYC from the Great State of Texas (or even if you just live here), you should definitely give it a try!

So, I guess that's about it...I leave you with a picture of my cast watching the mighty Longhorns fall to Memphis last weekend (this is becoming somewhat of a trend - you know, the photo send-off)!

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