Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scoot, Scoot, Scootin' Along

I tell ya, my timing is impeccable! Of course, I go and break my ankle just a few short weeks before the biggest convention in my industry. This year it's held in Chicago & it is 4 days of straight walkin' and talkin'. Though this year will be a little different, because I will be scootin' around!

That's right - I get to ride this at next week's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show:

So, I'm 50/50 on being embarrassed and being totally pumped!

The Embarrassed Brittany - "Oh my, this is a serious networking event. All the biggest vendors and customers will be there. How can I possibly do business on a scooter?"

The PUMPED Brittany - "Oh my, this show is always a pain on my feet & this year I get to scoot around on my booty the whole time!! Woo - to the - Hoo!!"

Eventually, I'm just gonna have to let the Pumped Brittany take over, because there is simply nothing I can do about the fact that I NEED the scooter. Maybe it will be so great that I claim severe arthritis every year after this one & find the scooter to be the best thing since delivery service in New York!

Don't worry, I'll be sure to get a few pics of me actually on the scooter to post after the show...surely wouldn't miss an opportunity to have y'all share in one of my lil "Brittany moments"!!

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abaker said...

B- sounds like total fun! I was in a wheelchair in Vegas, Baby for my batchlorette party last year! Due to a fractured foot. That's right Bridal Garb and All! Call me in Chicago - we are doing the marathon thing in on Thurs out Fri night. See you then! M