Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fracture & Family

SO first and foremost, check out this picture of the DELICIOUS grilled artichoke from Houston's...if you have never had one - drop EVERYTHING and go check it out. If I didn't have a broken ankle, I would be there in a heartbeat! (Go figure, it's one of the few things I can't get delivered!)

So, on to the next bit of news...yep, it's true, I've broken my ankle - specifically my fibula. Me, of all people, ME...I can't get out of bed, I can't do anything - it's been this way for the ENTIRE week! This has been the view:

And yes, I am watching "America's Best Dance Crew" and yes, I would watch it even if I wasn't confined to bed for 7 days straight.

I've never broken anything ever before & I must say it absolutely sucks. Beyond the fact that I can't do anything & have only showered once in the past 7 days & am dying of REALLY hurts. I've tried to be a big girl about it, but the pain is sometimes quite unbearable.

I keep it elevated while in bed (which is ALL the time)...the thing is when I have to get up to go the bathroom, or even just to stretch & all the blood rushes to my ankle...boy, oh boy, it's a throbbing pain like no other. It's like my ankle is on FIRE!

Stephen has definitely proven his worth as a husband (not that he hadn't before)...he is the greatest...getting me anything & everything, being so sweet, and he's even promised to paint my toes!

**Life Lesson - Always have your pedicure fresh, because should your big booty happen to fall on your ankle & break a bone, it is quite embarassing to have tired toes while the whole world is checking out your foot**

So, I'm going to return to work tomorrow & am very excited about it, although a little nervous, because I'm not the most coordinated person on crutches (lemme tell ya...this is some major motivation to lose weight - having to "carry" myself around by my arms & one leg). I'll be in a cast for 2 weeks, then the doc will put me in a walking boot just in time for the big Kitchen & Bath show in Chicago.

Before all this mess, I was going to blog about my family's visit this past weekend (well, last weekend) sister & husband & their 4 kids were all here & as always, we enjoyed hanging with the whole crew...I'll leave you with some pics...

The first two are fashion shots of me & my nieces - Madison (left) and Katy (center)...the third picture is my adorable nephew Joe pretending to eat a HOT pepper @ Ruby Foos!

This final pic is of Griffin (the youngest) Stephen (aka Uncle Baldy) and I (aka Auntizzle Barizzle) bought the kids $75 worth of candy from Dylan's Candy Store...Griffin ate about $40 of it by himself that day...we got to dinner & he went into an immeadiate sugar coma!

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BeBe said...

Glad to see your broken ankle hasn't dampened your sense of humor! I hope you continue to feel better. Saw a fox tonight in my yard. . . thought of you!