Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dr. Pepper Lip Gloss - So Good Once It Hits The Lips

It's pouring rain here in NYC...pouring buckets of rain! Our poor lil' outside patio has taken a big hit in the past few weeks. The snow "storm" a couple of weeks ago did a number on our canopy...see the evidence below...
So sad...I'm sure Stephen can use his manly skills to get it fixed when the weather subsides! At least I hope so...I look forward to firing the grill up soon!

Okay, I could lie, but that's not my style...I have been briefly distracted (totally distracted for the last 30 minutes) watching a recorded episode of One Tree Hill. How silly that I still watch this show...and even further that I tape it to watch on rainy Saturday afternoons (or any Saturday afternoon)??

It's like my Dad always asked (well, actually he still does) - When will I grow out of these stages? Like wearing Dr. Pepper lip gloss...something I know I will NEVER grow out of! There is something about that Bonney Bell loveliness in a tube that I can't get enough of!!

It's funny, I used to say "I'm only {insert current age here}", but by now it seems that whatever has managed to stick around is part of me for life! Poor Stephen, guy gets to deal with ALL the ca-raziness that entails (have you met my momma?).

Alright, guess it's time to put my new Burberry rain boats (they are SO cute) to the test & grab a bite to eat, cuz you know I'm starvin' like Marvin.

Until next time, here's a pic of the kids I took last weekend on one of our walks...

I love the way they politely ignore each other! For those not "in the know" Rambo's on the left & Rocky is on right. (Seriously just mixed up my directions & typed the wrong sides - better get something to eat fast before I faint!)

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Stephen said...

I love you! Your stories about our life make me value each and every experience!