Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poker Queen

I should be out shopping right now, as I leave for Scotsdale on Wednesday & I have absolutely nothing to wear...but I seem to have caught a mild case of the cocktail flu, so instead I'm in bed typing.

Yesterday started out great. Stephen & I woke up around 10 (we needed the rest!), and had bagels & coffee at 12. Then we got to cleaning...I mean we cleaned...the place has never looked so great. You see, my mom is making a visit this week (gets in Tuesday afternoon, and I leave Wednesday morning)...

**funny side story - mom's new territory includes NYC - seriously, who would have thought that I would ever live here, and her work territory would include here!**, anyway, Mom comes in on Tuesday & we wanted the place to be sparklin'. We still need to do the floors, but the rest of the place is so fresh & so clean, clean (come on, you know you like Outkast!).

We wrapped up around 3, then showered & headed to Dukes for a bite to eat. Dukes is this really great, laid back, Southern comfort food kind of place. We had Lone Stars (they actually have them here!) and I had this massive Roadhouse Sandwich -
Get this - it has Chicken Fried Steak with Avocado, pickled jalepenos, bacon, melted jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & tangy roadhouse ranch sauce...WHOA NELLY!

I only finished half, which is way more than my doctor ever would have recommended! I'm sure not volunteering to take a cholesterol test any time soon!

So, after we digested, we headed to Bar 12 to play some Buzztime Trivia, followed by some Texas Hold 'Em. Let me just say, I kicked some serious arse in Texas Hold 'Em (I'm sure you can tell by my exclusion of a Trivia story, that I was not as great at it!).

The two other guys in the Bar playing & Stephen lost ALL their chips to the Britster (yes, I referred to myself as such, and I can't promise that I will never do it again!). I made it on the list of High Scores - at the VERY top of the list, baby!! Stephen was kind to point out that it was just the High Scores for the week, but nonetheless, I made it.

So, that's really it...I leave you today with pictures of Stephen & I marveling at what's left of the snow (by the way, we absolutely loved the snow "storm" - it was beautiful & everything we had hoped for all this time!)...

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