Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Lure of THE Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Okay, so I went to Staten Island this morning...first time ever...yippee, right?!

Hmmm, But that's not the story...

...so I'm on my way back to the office after my Staten Island virgin voyage. And I start thinking about the Cheesy Gordita Crunch being back at Taco Bell (the power of advertising). So, innocently enough, I type Taco Bell into the navigation...and I'm sure to only look at ones on my route of travel...senseless to get off track for Taco Bell...

Whaddaya know...there's one at the next exit in Brooklyn. It's fate...and it's time for a Cheesy Gordita Crunch (here on out referred to as a CGC, cuz it's too long to keep typing!).

I get off the highway & start to get P-U-M-P-ed...I'm telling ya - so smart of Taco Bell to only have the CGC for a limited time...makes me feel like I need to get one ASAP before they are gone!

I turn off the highway & down the next street, and there's NO Taco Bell - hmmm, maybe if I just drive down a little...
Nope, NO Taco Bell, NO CGC & now to top it off, I'm stuck in Brooklyn traffic Hell trying to get back to the highway.

At first I was frustrated, but then when I finally found a Taco Bell & ate that wonderful Cheesy Gordita Crunch - it was even MORE satisfying...So good...Party on the Palate good...I've attached a picture to show you the goodness...SO lovely, I suggest you get one, while they are still available.

On an incredibly sad and shocking note, Heath Ledger was found dead today. Even though tabloids are somewhat of an addiction for me, I found it SICK and disturbing that TMZ & a number of other "paparazzi" were outside of his apartment photographing & filming the removal of his body. That's sinking to a whole new level of awful.

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Julie Gilchrist said...

Hi Brittany
I absolutely love your Blog and your humor --- The mustache moment was great and reminded me so much of a story that Penny would tell on herself. I hope to feel like writing more soon, but life has me in a menopausal funk with curve balls being thrown at me in all directions. Maybe I will be better soon.
Love always and thanks so much for the intellectual smiles.