Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Ex Factor

We went to this Mustache Roller Skating Party...good times! Mike, Jen, Stephen (that's my husband), and I were totally in character. We chose the trash/trucker/70s motif & really lived it up. Drinking boxed wine, eatin' ribs, and having a good time.

We get to the roller skating rink only to find that girls are not wearing mustaches, but instead sequins & such & tight, tight jeans. Thank goodness there's Jen, because at least we are both rocking our special look.

Then we enter the front door of the rink...

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe you are here," Xanadu barbie yells to my husband.

"Yea, some friends of friends are throwing the party," he says back.

"MY husband throws this party!" Xanadu Barbie says checking out the rest of the group.

Then my husband does it..."Um, this is my wife, Maggie".........

Except I am his wife & my name is Brittany!! And this is how I found out that this was his ex-live in-girlfriend. Xanadu Barbie is in fact Maggie & he has just introduced me by her name!

And I only happened to be dressed like this:

Say it with me: Oh my GOODNESS!!!

Oh well, it's a good laugh & overall we had a really good time. Except for the simple fact that we all pretty much sucked at roller skating!

TIP: when going to the bathroom, best to have skates off....should one skate slip, and then the other, you find yourself falling flat on the toilet & having a bruised butt (so far for at least a week).

Here's a few more pics of the evening for your enjoyment -

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susan said...

thanks for the rest room visual! LMAO. YOu always did love to dress up.