Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Canines and Coffee

I'm going to start this blog off on a serious note - a very serious note. Don't panic - everyone is okay.

We went to walk the dogs on Thursday night. After the dog park, we were standing at the intersection. Let me clarify - maybe the biggest intersection in New York that I mean cars coming from 3 ways, plus a split roadway on one side.

So, we are standing there talking, and ROCKY CAME OFF HER LEASH!!! Just came off it. She darted out & thank GOD the city bus saw her & the cop two rows back turned on his lights. But then, she zipped through to the other side of the intersection, barely missing a full speed Toyota Camry.

Stephen dove and grabbed onto her harness with a finger. I'm crying, everyone's hearts are racing, but we are all alive & safe.

As soon as we got home I was on the phone with the manufacturer of the leash, Aspen Pet. They are sending us 2 new Bolt Lock Leashes. Moral of Story: Always use bolt lock leashes (pictures below)...NEVER use an Aspen Pet EZ hitch leash!!! The difference is where the leash attaches to the harness/collar.

Bolt Lock Leash:
EZ Hitch Leash:

If you cannot see the difference, be sure to look for it in stores...

Okay, now good news! I'm so in love with Starbucks new Skinny Lattes, it's not even funny!

First, I love the name Skinny, because that's what I'm trying to be. Second, the Caramel Skinny Latte (grande sized) is "simply delicioso" and ONLY 130 calories!! Holy moly!! Give me some mo'...

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