Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Chilly Day & Bits about NY Livin'

Holy moly! It's like 6 degrees outside (21, actually, but the wind is kicking some serious butt)! And it's not even snowing - I mean, come on, if it's going to be this cold, there should at least be some pretty snow to distract me!

Since Stephen & I have called New York home, there have been a disappointing number of snow storms...only one or two.

I remember last year - Valentine's Day - the first snow "storm" of the year (I think the ONLY one). I was so pumped to stay at home & drink hot chocolate & cuddle...but to my chagrin, the people here actually work on those days!! WHAT??? WHAT??? Are they CRAZY? Something about snow plows & being ready...blah, blah, blah. I miss my snow days!

The greatest thing about living in New York, especially on a day this cold, is that EVERYTHING can be delivered! From coffee in the morning to Chinese food at night!

The delivery aspect of this city is amazing & when we first moved here, Stephen & I went through a major lazy phase. There's just nothing like the first time that you figure out the deli (across the street, nonetheless) delivers breakfast & coffee to your front door!

Thank goodness that phase has past, as our waists suffered from it!

That brings me to my FAB news of the weekend - I'm down 11 pounds...while the Chinese tonight probably didn't help, I'm pretty sure the bean dip has!!

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