Monday, January 7, 2008

Bean Dip

Okay let me just say, I love food. Truly love the stuff. If I find a dish I'm particularly into, I could sustain myself on it for days, maybe even weeks - you know, it becomes the one food you would have on a deserted island.

Past examples include crab legs; organic bean & cheese burritos; avocadoes w/ salt & pepper (actually this is something I still have once a week) get the drift.

So getting to the point...Jenn has this amazing bean dip that she made for Stephen & I, well, because we are so very special.

Now I can't stop eating the stuff...I made it this weekend & that's all I've had to eat since! I'm thinking about starting a Bean Dip Diet...seriously I feel like I've already lost weight.

I feel compelled to share the recipe with you...please, if you start the Bean Dip Diet, feel free to write me about your results...I could really be on to something here!!

Bean Dip:
(1) can black beans (drained & rinsed)
(1) small can Shoepeg white corn (drained)
(1) can diced Tomatoes w/ green chiles
(1) can diced Tomatoes w/ basil, garlic & oregano
(1) 8 oz. bottle of Italian dressing
***side bar - I use Fat Free & it tastes FAB & it only has 120 calories in the ENTIRE bottle
(1) chopped onion

So here's a few personal notes - I despise raw onion, and Stephen despises cilantro - but the Italian dressing acts like a blanket covering all the bad tastes & creating a Loveliness that simply cannot be described.


susan said...

OmG, you are cracking me up.
You are so you!

MoneyPenny said...

I love you! Mom