Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pack Mule

What a day! Let us start with my outfit choice - cute summery dress with white cropped cardigan & fab silver sandals. Cute, right?

Well let's then add to that wind & humidity!! I was playing fetch with the dress practically all day except of course when it stuck to various parts of my body like static cling.

Of course, we haven't even covered the accessories yet. Paired with the silver sandals was my grey Chanel - great match...
Though in typical Brittany fashion (and here's where the title of the blog comes in) I didn't stop there.

Due the fact that I had a training scheduled late morning I headed out to my first meeting with an additional 200 lbs. Now I know I have a propensity for exaggerating, but this time I may be pretty close to the truth.

My tote was filled with the standard "Brittany outside sales woman extraordinaire" paperwork (yes this is a joke - feel free to laugh), as well as, my laptop, and a monster sized price book. Additionally I had a bag with TWO shower heads (in case you missed the emphasis - that's 2 shower heads) in it.
My arms were so far out over the bags (picture the Marshmallow Man) that I had great difficulty catching my skirt or separating it from my behind (depending on whether the wind was blowing or the humidity was getting the best of me.

By the time I came home to drop some of the weight off I was drenched in sweat and my face was tomato red - I was the picture of beauty!

So much for the cute outfit!

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