Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shalom Y'all

Two weekends before I moved to New York I went down to Austin to say goodbye.  While at Trudys indulging in Stuffed Avocado & a Mexican Martini (or two), I stumbled (no pun intended) upon my horoscope in the Austin Observer.  And here is what it said:

Leo Horoscope for July 21-27 2006
The Hebrew word "shalom" is both a hello infused with a goodbye and a goodbye leavened with a hello.  That's why it would be wise and fun for you to make it your word of power in the coming days.  You'll be spinning through a transitional zone in which it won't always be clear which direction is up.  You'll be coming and going simultaneously, embarking on new journeys and ending old ones.  Whenever you say "shalom" whether it's a greeting to someone else or a mantra uttered in solitude, you'll remind yourself that the threshold you're in is pregnant with a thousand possibilities.

Now at the time, and really still to this day, I found this to be the most amazing horoscope ever.  I mean I was moving to NYC and my horoscope not only talks about journeys old & new, but uses the word shalom to do so.  Brilliant. 

Lately I've been thinking about the last line - "pregnant with a thousand possibilities" - and have determined that while I have enjoyed my time in NYC, I have not taken advantage of all the things I should do before I eventually move (I mean you can't stay in a studio apartment with a husband & dog forever, right?).

SO, I got Stephen on board & got one of those childhood composition books & have written out a "to do list" for all the things we want to see, places we want to go, food we want to eat, etc.  A bucket list if you will.

The plan is to do at least one item a week (sometimes more) and also to cross them off while we go (well, actually just a red check beside them, so we can read them later).  So far it is working & so we don't forget, I went ahead and put all the cool things we have done in the almost 4 years we have been here and checked those off, too.

The second part of the plan is to post about each of the things we cross off.  I know this is the part that excites you the most! (yes, sarcasm)...

Any way, I guess the only thing left to say is Shalom Y'all!
this hangs by my front door with the horoscope taped to the back of it 
a gift from Susie to help with my transition


Nessie said...

You always have the best ideas!! Graham will thank you when I ask him to participate in this WONDERFUL idea! I'll keep you posted... and can't wait to see your journey.

B said...

so i'm going to add the Great Urban Race to my list & plan to see y'all in August for it!!