Sunday, June 28, 2009

My life as a juror - Day One

Here's some writing I did while doing my civil duty -
Damn, I forgot all my quarters. I could have filled up on vending machine junk all day - that would have been fun! I could have been that girl that keeps getting up to go to the vending machine all day.

I found $1.50 in quarters - I can't read the sign from here but doubt that would even get me a soda & a snack (heck maybe not even a soda these days!). Guess I will just eat the lunch Stephen packed.

On a positive note I did snag the row with extended leg room & unlike an airlines the NY court system isn't making me pay extra for it - Sa-weet!

They have started the video to teach us about the good we are doing here today. Guess they started the wrong one... Now this is quality acting. I suppose Ed Bradley narrating it makes it more legit.

The lady making the announcements should be a stand up comedienne - perfect deadpan delivery.

I'm sure I look like a crazy person - I have aleady caught myself humming to a song out loud & just now I pratically jumped out of my seat dancing to Gypsy Kings! Ohhhh - now Nelly is rapping...I'm gonna turn this place into a dance party!

11:40 a.m. - Two civil case selections and my name wasn't called for either one of them.

Do you ever crave certain things? What a silly question of course the answer is yes! Right now I find myself craving a Diet Snapple Lemonade Ice Tea & a bag of Peanut M&Ms. Of course they have neither in the vending machine.
(Sidenote: There are NO good pictures of Diet Snapple Lemonade Iced Tea, however, this is the only Snapple I drink & the one I was craving, so please use your imagination when looking at the picture above!)

--and that's where my IPOD died.

The second day was spent reading my book (Gods of Alabama - definitely worth a read). I was never picked for a trial (never even asked to sit in during an interview process)...normally I would have a complex about not being picked, but the Ed Bradley narrated charm of a video taught me that it is nothing personal - just a random drawing!

So there you have it (in case you wanted it) - my thoughts as a civil servant...seems like they are better off that I won't serve for at least 6 more years!

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LittleWied said...

I follow a lot of blogs, and this was the one that made me most excited today. :) I miss you!