Friday, September 19, 2008

Must Eat Meat

So, I'm no carb-ing it...Like NO carb-ing it.  I'm currently in the induction phase of Atkins & am limiting myself to mainly meat & cheese (and the occasional Jello cup).  Please spare me the "this is no good for you" lecture, because I know, and I have not been feelin' my best on it.
BUT, you see, we are having a contest at work to lose weight & grand prize is 5-hundy (as in $500), and I happen to know that since I screwed around the first 2 weeks of the contest I NEED a diet that's proven to drop weight fast.  Last time I did this I lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks & I was about 40 pounds smaller then (which makes me think that I'll lose weight faster now?)!

PLUS, it's the easiest diet to do during football season & Stephen has hopped on board with me. And it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to lose the poundage...I really want to fit into some of my old clothes again!
So, guess I've admitted it (somewhat) publicly now...I've gained 40 pounds (some days more) since I've moved to NY...for those keeping count, that's 3-4 sizes!  I know, Oh My Goodness!!! 

I've had high cholesterol (no kidding), and while that should be a VERY serious subject - I, go figure, have a funny story about it (or a story, nonetheless).

So, for those who have yet to experience the joys of high cholesterol, once you get the 'Strol (that's lingo), ANYWAY, once you get it you have to go in every 3 months to test & see where you are (or at least I did).  The Doc did NOT want to put me on the meds (because apparently once you start you can't stop - kind of like with Pringles or Lays & also because it wasn't ALL bad - I had a high amount of Good cholesterol, too - Thank You Monounsaturated Fats!)...

Anywho, he had me coming in to test & see how I was doing on the "diet/exercise" that he said would lower the 'Strol.  So I guess it was mid-November last year (as I  had just wrecked my company car - different story, different blog), and I was going to be late for one of these tests (because I had to ride the train to work).

I called the Doc to let him know about my lateness & it was decided I would come in a couple hours later, which gave me time to go by the office first.  Well - whaddaya know - when I get to the office someone has brought Munchkins (while I'm not a Dunkin Donuts fan, you can't beat donut holes in all the different donut flavors)!   And I proceed to eat - oh, half a dozen....maybe nine...okay I lost count.

You know what comes next...I have to call the Doc to tell him I've just eaten more than enough Munchkins & I would not be able to make the Cholesterol appointment!  Oh my...his only response (cuz what else could he do) was to ask, "Was it good?"  My reply (cuz what else could I say) was, "Oh YES they were!!"  

The moral of this blog, I suppose, is that my Doc would freak if he knew I was subjecting myself to eating such high fat items...but, oh well...anything for a little extra dough & to be back in fightin' shape!

Photo send-off is a cartoon send-off this week...reminds me of Stephen & I this weekend!


LittleWied said...

Oh my goodness! You told your dr about all those donut holes?! Yikes! Kudos for your honesty. :)

Jay and Julie Foy said...

You are so friggin funny! I'm back on the diet too... WEight Watchers and I was doing so well until someone brought in Queso... Arg.