Monday, September 15, 2008

Fact & Fantasy

Even though I feel like this...
I am going to try my best to stay up & watch the Cowboys - in hopes that they not only kick the pants off the Eagles, but also (and really more importantly) to track how well our fantasy football team does!  And that is a fact!

Notice I call it OUR fantasy football team.  You see, Stephen drafts the team (after all it is a league with all of his buddies) & then I help manage it throughout the season!  It's a perfect marriage & a fabulous way to get into the games.  I LOVE it!  

I used to make fun of Stephen & his fantasy team.  There is a great Bud Light commercial (you know the one with the deep voice guy talking about different types of 'guys')...well, this one is the Fantasy Football guy & it makes fun of the fact that they have a fantasy team in a fantasy draft & they probably used to be big into dungeon & dragons with their fantasy girlfriends!  (or something like that - anyway, it was funny!)

Now I'm so into, I can't make fun of it.  I find myself scouting players & talking to him about oh my!

So, while I'm super exhausted & have a lot of work to do, I find myself getting ready to cheer on the real deal Cowboys & a team that only exists on the computer!

**Photo send-off is suspended this time due to the fact that I posted a picture of myself practically drooling at the beginning of this blog...go ahead scroll back up & make fun!**

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LittleWied said...

Oh, precious sleep! I wish I had a photo of myself just like that one of you...