Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm not Clumsy...I Just Fall A lot

It's been so, so, so long.  I never figured out my IPhoto problem, so now I have to save pictures to my desktop, then upload them to the blog.  I'm sure you don't care about my hassles, but you know, I might as well share them anyway!

So, what have we been up to the past couple months...

Well, we celebrated our 1st anniversary, went to Mexico, celebrated my 28th birthday, had visits from the in-laws & my momma, went to Austin, floated on...guess we've done some stuff.  I totally want to post pics of all that, but y'all will just have to trust me, because that's just too much to handle.

 So now, we will start fresh & tackle the title of this blog...Yes, it is TRUE...I fell AGAIN! 

I was leaving a customers @ Bond & Lafayette Streets and the wedge sandals combined with the uneven sidewalk equaled disaster for my leg.  Take a look yourself...
I know, I know...can I seem any clumsier??  At least I didn't break anything this time...just a couple of bad raspberries & some bruised ego!  I think my main mission in life now is just to try & stay upright!

Already time for Photo's the picture I promised like 4 posts are the koozies I had made for the River trip...totally loved the job the "Beer Koozies" did - should you ever need custom koozies, they are definitely the place to go!

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