Saturday, April 24, 2010

Draft Day

Every once in a while I go to 1iota tickets to check for free tickets to shows in New York.  Last week I was excited to see the NFL Draft was one of the events available.  We were confirmed for Friday night tickets & I added this great event to our list!

Here are some pics from Radio City for Round Two of the NFL Draft:

75th Annual NFL Draft

stage is set

our tickets (right in front of ESPN crew)

Mel getting serious (lots of make-up for this guy)

Berman mic'd up (also got to see him air guitar China Rose)

standard Moreland pic

The Podium

Let Round 2 Begin

We cheered loudly (among a lot of boos) when the Cowboys drafted Sean Lee - linebacker from Penn State!  But unfortunately we left before Colt or Shipley were drafted in the third round, which also means we missed Mack Brown announcing Colt's pick.  

It was exciting to see Sergio Kindle & Lamarr Houston go back to back!  So glad we went to cheer and boo right alongside all the other crazy fans! 

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