Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brooklyn Adventure Part 1

We marked 3 things off The List today!  It was quite enjoyable once we got past the stress of navigating the weekend train schedule.

The day began with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, followed by a sweet treat & coffee @ Baked, then Grimaldi's Pizza & ended with a walk back over the bridge.

Here are some of the photos we snapped along the way:
This way to the Brooklyn Bridge

Stephen's ready to start the walk

half way to Brooklyn


cars go by

One of the things on our list was to have a sweet & salty brownie from Baked.  It made its way on our list after seeing it featured on Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" program.  Unfortunately (especially unfortunate since it took us FOREVER to get there), they were out of the sweet & salty brownies & we had to "settle" for this sweet & salty cupcake.  It was delicious & the bits of salt really were enjoyable with the richness of the chocolate!  
sweet & salty cupcake

waiting on the train (again)

Grimaldi's Pizzeria was on the list, because it is often heralded as the best pizza in NYC.  We originally went as we came off the Brooklyn Bridge, but there were tour buses full of people waiting for the restaurant to open!!  When we came back a few hours later the line was still incredibly long, BUT after just over an hour wait, we were seated & thank goodness, the pizza did not disappoint!   
the line @ Grimaldi's

19 old fulton street

the pizza

We thought about taking the train back to Manhattan, but thought it best to walk back over the bridge after all the goodness that went in our bellies!
on the way back to Manhattan

end of a great day

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